Scentwork Yorkshire is located near to Thirsk in North Yorkshire and is run by Lindsey Collins. Lindsey is a self-confessed Talking Dogs Scentwork® addict, having attended her first workshop in 2016. Lindsey started using Scentwork as a means of providing mental stimulation for one of her working cocker spaniels, Seth who had always struggled to settle and to feel comfortable, especially in group settings.

Seth is now a sniffing super star and loves to search, always wanting all of the turns no matter how many other people or dogs are present! He has been the perfect team member for Lindsey to work through all of the TD Scentwork® levels. TD Scentwork® has helped to create a strong bond between Lindsey and Seth and now her youngest dog, Arthur is developing his sniffing skills, too. Her old boy, Charlie leaves the formal sniffing to Seth and Arthur, preferring to go for a run in the woods and sniff for wildlife instead!

Lindsey has extensive experience in supporting humans to learn and develop their skills and is fascinated by communication and interactions between humans and their canine companions and how these can be used to enhance the well-being of both parties. Lindsey also has experience of a range of other canine activities including agility and cani-cross.

Joining together a love for dogs, for supporting others to learn, and for TD Scentwork®, Lindsey became an Accredited TD Scentwork® Trainer in 2018.


Lindsey Collins