Welcome to Scentwork Yorkshire!

Is your dog a fan of sniffing? Would you like to harness this natural skill into a game you can play together? Then Scentwork is for you!

Dogs gain great enjoyment from sniffing and it usually comes very naturally to them. Whether it’s sniffing for food crumbs under the table or on the kitchen floor, sniffing the air outside in the garden or following the scent of wildlife when out on a walk; dogs learn a lot from their environment by using their noses.

Dogs can be trained to use their noses for work, such as for detecting drugs, firearms, missing people or certain medical conditions. However, dogs can also be trained to use their noses to find scents just for fun. And this is just as rewarding for dogs as well as for their human companions.

Talking Dogs Scentwork ® has been designed specifically for pet dogs and their humans to learn to search for a specific scent through fun and interactive workshops. Have a look at our Workshops page for further details including upcoming dates.